Marketing & Finance Story: Hitachi Vantara

April 18, 2017

Restoring Finance’s faith in Marketing

A major disconnect between Marketing and Finance was one the top challenges that led Hitachi Vantara to seek out Allocadia. There was a lack of faith that Marketing could accurately measure and report on the effectiveness of its spend.

With the two departments managing financial details separately, numbers often didn’t match up. Managers were never quite sure when, or by how much, Marketing would be over budget each quarter. 

Enter Jeremie Audran, Director of Global Marketing Operations. He knew a concerted effort was needed for Marketing and Finance to work together in a financially sound way. “I wanted a system purely focused on the financial aspects of marketing,” he said — and he found it in Allocadia.

“Allocadia enables us to make and follow strategic marketing plans so we can market more effectively and gain the respect of finance.”

Jeremie Audran, Director of Global Marketing Operations, Hitachi Vantara

Using Allocadia, Jeremie was able to:

  • Give visibility to the Marketing and Finance departments into marketing investments, where they are applied, and the returns they generate
  • Implement a new framework for marketing planning and budgeting
  • Help Marketing become prescriptive instead of reactionary when it came to managing marketing investments

The impact of these accomplishments on Marketing’s alignment with Finance was dramatically positive. In his words: “With Allocadia in place, our finance department has newfound confidence in marketing’s ability to track and report on its performance.” 

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