Allocadia Product Videos

Library of videos from Allocadia: all about our Marketing Performance Management software.

  • What is Marketing Performance Management (MPM)?1:09

    What is Marketing Performance Management (MPM)?

    MPM is the solution to Marketing’s toughest challenge: proving impact on the business. Learn more in this 70 second explainer video.

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  • Allocadia Product Tour3:40

    Allocadia Product Tour

    A 3.5 minute peek inside Allocadia Marketing Performance Management (MPM) software. Focusing on three core areas: Plans, Investments, and Results/ROI.

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  • Run Marketing with Allocadia! 1:10

    Run Marketing with Allocadia!

    A 70-second video explaining how Allocadia helps marketers unite the two sides of marketing: the "run" and the "do", in order to make more strategic marketing decisions

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  • Video Snapshot: Marketing Plans1:25

    Video Snapshot: Marketing Plans

    A quick peek into how Allocadia helps marketing teams become more strategic and better organized in their planning processes.

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  • Video Snapshot: Marketing Investments1:30

    Video Snapshot: Marketing Investments

    In this 90-second video, discover how Allocadia lets marketing teams manage their budgets & investments -- without spreadsheets.

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  • Video Snapshot: Marketing Results & ROI1:20

    Video Snapshot: Marketing Results & ROI

    Learn how Allocadia gives marketing leaders the performance visibility they need to make smarter strategic decisions.

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