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Creating the Foundation for ABM (feat. Jon Miller)

March 16, 2016

The Account-Based Marketing (ABM) movement is in full force — and for good reason. Marketers are seeing the value in becoming more targeted, more personal and better aligned with sales.

The momentum in the category is real, but many organizations are still just getting started with ABM. To create a high performing Account-Based Marketing organization, marketers must first build a strong foundation. They must start with planning, investment choices and impact measurements — and they must understand how these categories change as their organization moves to ABM.

In this webinar, Engagio’s Jon Miller and Allocadia’s Sam Melnick will discuss why marketers must start with these core elements of an ABM strategy or otherwise risk failure.

Some key questions that will be answered:

  • How can I incorporate ABM into my strategic marketing plan?
  • What changes do I need to make to my marketing mix when I invest in ABM?
  • How do I prove the impact of ABM on Marketing Performance?

This webinar should be attended by marketers who are already utilizing, in the midst of planning for, or just starting to consider Account-Based Marketing.

Join us for the third webinar in our “Run Marketing” Series, designed to enable marketers to Run Marketing with confidence and drive business impact.

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