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Executing the CMO's Vision (feat. SiriusDecisions)

February 10, 2016

Watch the recording above or read the webinar recap here.

Modern CMOs are big thinkers with even bigger aspirations.

However, their job continues to increase in complexity; they must manage the customer journey, drive revenue, and build market awareness — all while tying these back to corporate level objectives.

This combination often leads to a CMO vision that is extensive and ambitious. How, as a marketing leader, do you take this vision and operationalize it so the entire organization is aligned on what needs to get done?

In this webinar, special guest SiriusDecisions Service Director, Craig Moore, and Allocadia’s James Thomas (CMO) will provide actionable guidance on how to take CMO-level vision and turn it into a reality.


  • Measurements that matter at the board level
  • Frameworks to leverage when operationalizing the CMO’s vision
  • How to formulate strategic plans across the entire department

And most importantly, how to make sure the above actions are driving real business impact! This first webinar in our “Run Marketing” Series, is designed to enable marketers to run marketing with confidence and drive business impact.

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