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Looking Forward & Back in Marketing Performance

September 10, 2015

Don’t go into your next planning & budgeting cycle without insight into your marketing performance — both past and future.

Planning and budgeting season is almost here. Many organizations simply pull out last year’s plans and tweak them… but without factoring performance into the planning cycle, big opportunities can be missed.

Performance metrics can radically transform your marketing organization:

  • With marketing plans driven by past performance data, you’ll reduce costs and drive more revenue, since you’ll be investing more in the programs that really move the needle.
  • With meaningful, achievable forward-looking performance targets, you’ll bring your team into closer alignment and set them up to be more successful.

So why don’t more marketers do this? Performance measurement is complex. Metrics can be spread across siloed systems, and various parts of the business can define success in different ways. And what do you do with the data once you get it?

This webinar provides perspectives, tools and best practices for measuring your past performance so you can revitalize your budgets and plans for next financial period. We also discuss how to set meaningful performance targets for the year ahead.

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